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William E. Price, KYGCH
Grand Master Cryptic Masons
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This year my theme is Communication and Unity. I feel that these two go hand in hand. To communicate covers many areas. We start to communicate by conferring our beautiful degrees. The better our degrees are, the easier it will be for our new members to understand our purpose and how these degrees connect Craft Lodge teachings to complete the story of Masonry. Our Ritual Staff, lead by MIPGM David Chesebro, well endeavor to continue to keep our Ritual at the peak of perfection. We also need to attend our Craft Lodges to promote York Rite Masonry. This is how we can show our unity and let all Masons understand York Rite consists of four bodies.

We have so many more ways to communicate then ever before. Social media has opened up a vast communication network that we need to use to our advantage. E-mail, Facebook, drop box, to name a few, as well as regular mail, just use your imagination on how much you can utilize these advancements. Always remember that a phone call is that personal touch that can never be replaced, especially for our older members who might not have a computer. A kind word, a “how are you” or an offer of a ride to lodge can change and improve a brother’s life.

Communication, with our Grand Recorder, Ill. Ken Hope MIPGMH, on all necessary and mandatory correspondence is vital for our Grand York Rite to function with optimum efficiency. All Grand Officers are here to serve you but without proper communication it becomes difficult to give you the information you need to make our organization work. If you need help or advice call your Department Grand Officer or the Ritual Staff.

This year I would like to stop using CMMRF to describe our Charity as much as we can. I would rather say Cryptic Masons Medical Research Foundation and drive home what it is and how important this ground breaking research group does. When our members and the general public know the name and purpose of our charity, hopefully the name will be etched in their memory. Lets do our best to have fundraisers all over the state this year and support this great endeavor.

Last and most important, my Companions, is to thank our Ladies for all that they do for us. Without them we would be a lesser group.

My God Bless you all,
Most Illustrious Companion
William E. Price, KYGCH
Grand Master Cryptic Masons of California
Star Cryptic Masons of California
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