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How do I become a Knight Templar?
To become a Knight Templar, you must first become a Master Mason in good standing in a regular Masonic Lodge. The catch words "To be one, ask one" applies in the case of a man who is not a Mason.

Any Master Mason is free to ask any York Rite Mason about membership. There should be a Brother Mason in your Lodge, who is also a York Rite Mason, you can talk to.

The road to becoming a Knight Templar includes becoming a Royal Arch Mason and a Cryptic Mason. You will receive symbolic teaching that will greatly enhance and supplement the moral teachings of the Craft Lodge.

For more information contact:

Grand Commandery Knights Templar of California
11428 East Artesia Blvd, Suite 13
Artesia, CA 90701-3872
(562) 924-6500

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