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San Mateo

King Solomon's Chapter No. 95, R.A.M
303 Tilton Avenue, San Mateo, 94401-2813

1st Wednesday of March, June, September, & December (7:30pm)

F. Allan Weinstein, PHP, High Priest, (Arunee)
William E. Price, PHP, Secretary, (Janet)

California Council No. 2, C.M.
303 Tilton Avenue, San Mateo, 94401-2813

2nd Saturday of February, April, June, October, & December (9:00am)

Antonio G. Cimarra Jr., Illustrious Master, (Leila)
William E. Price, IPM, Recorder, (Janet)

Golden Gate Commandery No. 16, K.T.
303 Tilton Avenue, San Mateo 94401-2813

3rd Wednesday of January, February, March, April, May, June, September, October, November, & December (7:30pm)

Walter A. Ancheta, Commander, (Filamer)
William E. Price, PC, Recorder, (Janet)


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